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About Franc

About Franc

Engagement is the common thread that runs through Franc’s life. In politics, professionally and personally. This manifested itself at a young age. He himself says that he picked up politics in the student council of his secondary school and in the Flemish student councils umbrella organization (the “Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel”). During his university years, he quickly found his way to debates, lectures and stimulating conversations at the Liberaal Vlaams Studentenverbond (Flemish Liberal Student Association), of which he became national chairman. Afterwards, at the beginning of his professional career, Franc was the political secretary of Jong VLD and chairman of Jong VLD Brussels.

Franc currently works as a management consultant at Nova Reperta. He guides companies to customer centric strategies and operating models, and is active for a social impact focused investment fund with investments in Southeast Asia. Before that he was active as an entrepreneur in Flanders and Vietnam, and worked in venture capital.

You may also have noticed that “Bogovic” does not sound very Flemish. That’s right. Franc’s grandfather didn’t like the communist regime of the former Yugoslavia and decided in early 1960 to move to a free country with his offspring. Which also explains Franc’s political affiliation.


  • Business engineer, Solvay Brussels School ULB, 2011
  • Business engineer, Solvay Brussels School VUB, 2009
  • Latin – Mathmatics, Stedelijke Humaniora Dilsen-Stokkem, 2006



  • Member of Flemish parliament for Open VLD
  • Member of the University board of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Member of the board of Liberaal Vlaams Verbond